Foureyes Ambassador Program

Yep, you heard right. $1,000.

At Foureyes, we recognize how valuable your trust and good word are to our business. Instead of spending big budgets on advertising, we believe in reinvesting in our customers.

We created the ambassador program to generously reward the businesses that send us new business. Earn $1,000 for referrals that convert!

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$1,000 for Referrals That Convert

If you refer a dealership that becomes and stays a Foureyes customer for 6+ months, we will send your business $1,000.00 per referral. There’s no cap, meaning if you refer us 10 dealerships (even if they’re within your own auto group), you’ll receive $10,000.00.

Surprises to Say Thank You

If you're open to it, from time to time we’ll send a handwritten note or surprise in the mail. No individual gifts will ever be sent, just something shareable for your dealership, but if you'd rather opt-out we'll adhere to your preferences.


3 Easy Steps

The Foureyes Ambassador Program was designed to be simple. From sign up to launch, it couldn't be easier.


Sign up

Get the process going by filling out a quick form. 



Submit referrals or use your personal link and get credit for anyone who starts a trial in the next 60 days.



Foureyes pays $1,000 for every deal. Yep, that means 17 rooftops = $17,000. 

Ready to go from sharing to cha-ching?


You’re part of a group

You have a sales audience

You’re a Foureyes fan

While this is by no means required, being part of a dealership group gives ambassadors a built-in audience to share the success they've seen with Foureyes.

At the core, Foureyes helps sales teams sell better. If you connect with people who care about improving sales,  you can help them reach their most important goals.

Already spreading the word? Now you can get credit for it. True appreciation of Foureyes is the most important qualification for the program. 


As part of our crew, you can expect dedicated Foureyes help. We'll provide resources specific to your needs as an ambassador, including:

  • Shareable copy
  • Co-branded sell sheets
  • Product collateral
  • Case studies
  • An ambassador-exclusive support team

Have an idea? Ready to be featured in a video testimonial? We’re all ears.

I'm ready to RSVP yes.


What are the benefits of the Foureyes Ambassador Program?

As part of the program, your company will receive $1,000.00 for every referral that becomes and stays a Foureyes customer for 6+ months. The payment will be issued as a check made out and mailed directly to your business.

If you’re open to surprises, we may send you a token of our appreciation from time to time. No individual gifts will ever be sent. And if you’d rather not receive these, you can completely opt-out.

Can you pay me instead of my business?

No. Rewards earned are only issued to companies, never individuals.

What if I move jobs?

Our ambassador-exclusive support team can adjust your designated company if you make a move.

How is the $1,000.00 paid out?

Payouts are issued as a check made out to your business.

Where do I sign up to be an Ambassador?

At the top of this page! Click here.

Who can be an Ambassador?

If you’re a Foureyes fan, you can be an ambassador. The only people not allowed are Tier 1 and Tier 2 employees, or employees of certain companies like Shift or JD Powers (sorry). Full details are available in our T&Cs.

Is there a cap on how much I can earn?

No, there are no caps. (Yes, we understand that this means if you refer 1,000 converting dealerships, you will receive $1,000,000.00. We’re good with it.)

Where do my referrals sign up?

This is the page, but you’ll want to use your tracking link to ensure they are credited to you.

What if someone doesn’t use the referral link?

In addition to your referral link, you can submit referrals directly to Foureyes using the personalized page shared in your welcome email. Reach out to our support team if you'd like help with this.

What if I referred someone in the past?

You have to be enrolled in the Foureyes Ambassador program first. Any referrals received after that will get all the program benefits.

Can I refer my own business?


Can I refer other dealerships in my group?

Sure thing.

Can I refer strangers?


Can I refer non-auto dealerships?

Maybe. Talk to us about who you’re thinking about, and we may be able to set something up for you.

What if my question isn't answered here?

Email our team at and we'll be happy to help.

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