Dealers Own Their Data. Seriously.

Data rights in automotive haven’t always been clear. But the Arizona Dealer Law is changing that. It provides clear guidelines, has been upheld in Federal Court, and is widely viewed as the template for other states to mimic.

We believe the automotive industry will make faster strides toward the common good when dealers, dealer groups, and technology partners align our practices and agreements to mirror the AZ Dealer Law.

The Laws

To fight for rights, you need to know what your rights are - or should be. Here are the links to relevant dealer data laws in a number of states. 

Know of one we're missing? Let us know!

North Carolina



Be sure to read all the sections. They're all juicy.

We recommend starting with section 30-11-717, and continuing through 30-11-719.

Start with "Filed", and the good stuff really starts on page 7.



Section 650.123 - "Use of protected dealer data" will get you the facts you need first.

Just one click gets you to the full law.

The Cases

The battle for data rights is actually pretty thrilling and many of the court cases are now public. Here’s more of the background if you want the meat:

The challenge to Arizona Dealer Law

October 25, 2021

DMS Antitrust Litigation

June 29, 2023 Decision on All Cases

DMS Antitrust Litigation

June 29, 2023 Decision on Counterclaims against Dealers

DMS Antitrust Litigation

December 11, 2017

DMS Antitrust Litigation

November 6, 2017

DMS Antitrust Litigation

May 1, 2017

Know of one we're missing? Let us know!

Additional Resources

A collection of insights that the Foureyes team has learned when digging into dealership data rights.

5 Steps Dealers Can Take to Protect YOUR Data Rights

The roll up: State data protection laws in a single doc

Foureyes advocacy

Foureyes is a passionate advocate for dealership data rights.

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Partly because all of our products run on dealership data. And partly because we’ve seen the transformative effects of free-flowing, secure data in other industries. 

We believe unshackling dealership data is the key that will unlock a love of dealerships and elevate the experience offered to car buyers. We want to help in any way we can. Have an idea or an experience to share? Get in touch!

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