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Foureyes 20/20 OEM sends inventory-based emails to your form, chat, and FCA galley list leads based on their online shopping activities. Drive more sales with this email marketing tool that works hard, so you don't have to.

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Drive Sales with Better Email Marketing

One script on your website and it's on—your dealership does nothing.

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Delivering the right information creates happier customers and better results.

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Content is auto-created from inventory and customer data so you can send at scale

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As part of the FCA National sponsored program, dealerships are eligible for special Pro pricing. 20/20 OEM is sponsored by FCA and is free to dealers.

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Inventory-specific email campaigns

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Foureyes Tap delivers sales intelligence and alerts about in-market shoppers to your sales team. 

PRO-Motion Offer Details: Monthly rate is $899. Upgrade to Foureyes 20/20 Pro for 2 months and get 1 month free. Not eligible for FCA clients already on Foureyes 20/20 Pro. Available for a limited time.


  • What is Foureyes 20/20?

    20/20 is a inventory-based email tool that sends inventory recommendations to each customer that perfectly match what they’ve been researching online. With the OEM version, these emails are delivered to your website form and chat leads, as well as FCA galley lists. Learn more here →

  • How does this work?

    As people visit your website, Foureyes 20/20 is watching everything they do on your site as well as the pricing they observed. When prospects fill out a form or a chat, we then use their shopping history to serve them inventory recommendations specific to what they have been viewing on your website.

  • Which leads receive these emails?

    Any lead that provides an email address through a form or chat on your website. FCA has also provided an “unsold” galley list of leads that will receive emails.

  • What kinds of emails can my leads receive?

    Suggested Vehicles: The workhorse campaign that sends vehicle recommendations based on your lead's browsing history and preferences.

    Price Drops: A campaign that sends price alerts when a piece of inventory your lead was looking has lowered in price by $250 or more.

  • I’m worried about spamming leads. Can shoppers opt-out?

    Yes. The emails follow current CAN/SPAM laws and include unsubscribe and/or opt-out options in every email sent.

  • Who is managing the email campaigns?

    20/20 is an application from the makers of Foureyes. It is designed to create and send email campaigns without dealers having to lift a finger. Email content is dynamically created. Neither the dealership nor ASMs need to manage the campaigns.

  • What version of 20/20 am I on?

    All FCA dealers are on 20/20 OEM by default, although some dealers have upgraded to Pro. The OEM version is being provided by FCA to dealers at no cost. 20/20 Pro is an available upgrade for FCA dealers who are interested in sending dynamic, inventory-based emails to all dealership leads and documenting communications directly in the CRM.Learn more here →

  • Can I request to be removed from 20/20 OEM?

    Dealers who wish to no longer participate should email their opt-out request to the Chrysler Digital VIP team at Your request will be processed by their Business Center and by FCA National.
  • Can I make changes to the emails going out from my dealership?

    To update preferences and settings, consider upgrading to the 20/20 Pro version. On the Pro version, dealers get access to update their preferences. Learn more here →

  • How often do emails go out?

    Because emails are personalized to each individual, the frequency of emails depends on how often leads shop your website and engage with the emails, as well as how often you make inventory updates.

  • How is this different than the marketing emails my dealership sends right now?

    Dealership marketing emails are typically branded messages that work for a general audience. 20/20 delivers inventory-based emails. These emails contain inventory updates relevant to each specific customer’s interests, which increases engagement and moves them closer to the sale.

  • How much does this cost?

    20/20 OEM is sponsored by FCA and is free to dealers.

  • Can I get 20/20 to send to my entire lead funnel?

    Yes, upgrade to the 20/20 Pro version to get this feature. With CRM access, emails can go to all your leads with email addresses. Learn more here →

  • What is the difference between Tap and 20/20?

    Foureyes technology drives both Tap, a sales optimization system, and 20/20 an inventory-based email tool. Tap delivers sales intelligence and alerts about in-market shoppers to your sales team. 20/20 emails inventory-based updates to your website leads based on their interests. Learn more here →

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20/20 delivers inventory-based emails to prospects based on their interests. Your dealership will drive more sales with dynamic communication that scales—with no additional time or effort.

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