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Foureyes OEM programs provide dealers with a digital sales toolkit. As part of this OEM-sponsored program you get the sales support you need to engage more leads and have better sales conversations at no cost to you.

Included in your FCA program

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Never lose a deal when you know you've got the best selection at the best price. Get pricing and availability competitive intelligence at your fingertips.

Foureyes Inventory Insights

Competitive talk tracks

Stock insights

Pricing insights

Book more appointments without lifting a finger with emails sent automatically to your leads about inventory that perfectly matches their shopping preferences. 

Foureyes 20/20 OEM

Behavior-based email campaigns

Auto-add subscribers from forms & chats

Weekly hot lead lists

Foureyes aggregates website inventory and lead data, and helps you activate these insights to close more deals.


More efficient, more effective sales

Make smarter sales and marketing decisions when you know who your leads are and where they come from.

Identify and understand

Never lose a deal when you know you've got the best selection at the best price. 

Compete and win

Increase engagement when you share the right information at the right time, all without lifting a finger.

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Getting Started


  • What is the Foureyes OEM program?

    The OEM program drives systemic sales performance improvement across the enterprise by providing both dealers and OEM representatives access to Foureyes tools and data. The program offers tools that can be sponsored by the OEM and used by dealers, in addition to tools and reporting specifically designed for the needs of OEM representatives at multiple levels of the enterprise.
  • What are the benefits of this OEM program for my dealership?

    The OEM Program helps dealers track, protect, engage, and sell better via actionable tools and insights that can be leveraged by sales and marketing representatives.
  • How much does this cost?

    Foureyes OEM is sponsored by your OEM and is free to dealers.
  • How is Foureyes data collected?

    The Foureyes platform collects details about user-level website activity, inventory, pricing, and messaging and cross-references this with historical data and internal VIN analysis to create the dataset it uses to enable its applications. From there, we apply data hygiene processes to filter out inventory anomalies as well as inventory listed across multiple websites. The Foureyes platform tracks dealer websites 24/7 keeping user-level and inventory data accurate and up-to-date.

Foureyes Inventory Insights

  • What is Foureyes Inventory Insights?

    Inventory Insights is an inventory intelligence tool that highlights your inventory's competitive advantages against your own stock and the other dealers in your market.
  • How does it work?

    As you make changes to your website, Foureyes is watching and tracking every change to stock and price. It also watches your competitors’ websites. Then, based on the competitors or market radius you define, it complies how your inventory compares with regards to pricing and availability down to the trim level.
  • Who can use these Inventory Insights?

    These insights can be leveraged by any salesperson (floor or internet sales) for smarter sales conversations and negotiations. Managers can use these insights to better capitalize on competitive advantages to move more inventory off the lot faster.

Foureyes 20/20 OEM

  • What is Foureyes 20/20 OEM?

    20/20 OEM is an inventory email tool that sends inventory recommendations to each customer that perfectly match what they’ve been researching online. These emails are delivered to your website form and chat leads, as well as OEM-provided lead lists.
  • How does this work?

    As people visit your website, Foureyes 20/20 OEM is watching everything they do on your site as well as the pricing they observed. When leads fill out a form or a chat, we then use their shopping history to serve them inventory recommendations specific to what they have been viewing on your website.
  • What kinds of emails does Foureyes 20/20 OEM send?

    Suggested Vehicle emails use our Vehicle of Interest Algorithm to share similar inventory that matches a lead's preferences.

    Price Drop emails share price changes based on previously viewed inventory and a lead's preferences.

    New on Lot emails share timely information about inventory recently added to your business's website inventory.

    Not Available emails share updates with leads when inventory they have shopped online have sold and other available inventory match their preferences.

  • I’m worried about spamming leads. Can shoppers opt-out?

    Yes. The emails follow current CAN/SPAM laws and include ‘unsubscribe’ and/or ‘opt-out’ options in every email sent.
  • Who is managing the email campaigns?

    20/20 OEM is designed to create and send email campaigns without dealers having to lift a finger. Email content is dynamically created and sent by Foureyes automatically, so you don’t need to create email content or manage the campaigns.
  • Can I make changes to the emails going out from my dealership?

    To update preferences and settings, consider upgrading to the 20/20 Pro version. On the Pro version, dealers get access to update their preferences. Learn more here.
  • How often do emails go out?

    Because emails are personalized to each individual, the frequency of emails vary based on a lead's engagement and inventory updates.
  • How is this different from the marketing emails my dealership sends right now?

    Dealership marketing emails are typically branded messages that work for a general audience. Foureyes delivers dynamic emails that match your contacts' inventory interests, increasing engagement and moving them closer to sale.
  • How can I send emails to my entire lead funnel, including my CRM leads?

    Yes, upgrade to the 20/20 Pro version to get this feature. With CRM access, emails can go to all your leads with email addresses. Learn more here.

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