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Foureyes sees what your customers are shopping and provides updates on that inventory and recommendations for other bikes that fit their interests. Messages include:

Price drop alerts

New bikes on your website

Suggested bikes based on their interests

Automated by design
to manage low inventory

People don’t shop on your sales process calendar, and your inventory is always changing. Foureyes sends updates automatically, so you can stay connected to customers even when inventory is low.

Foureyes detects when your prospects' behavior changes and shows bikes that match their latest searches on your site

Set custom CRM statuses to suppress emails, such as when you've sold a bike or negotiated a set price

Consistent follow-up for a

better customer experience

With Prospect Engagement, you ensure up-to-date communication with your buyers. You keep buyers in the loop--and in your pipeline.

All leads in your CRM get personalized emails, based on the inventory they are shopping

Prospect Engagement automatically keeps buyers informed of inventory changes and updates

Follow up continues as long as long as prospects are shopping, even weeks or months after your team stops

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"Be ready for what you will see. Foureyes has truly affected and changed the way we do business."

"I love it. People go dark on me all the time and then I can see that they come back after awhile AND that they're looking at different inventory."

“Thank you so much for all the hard work. You guys are truly the definition of a partner, not a vendor.”

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