Your easy button for inventory data

Inventory data is the lifeblood of automotive vendors. And now Foureyes makes using it at scale easier than ever.

Download a sample today.

All the good stuff

Foureyes has tested the accuracy of our inventory data with thousands of dealers and millions of car shoppers. And our infrastructure was designed to meet the specific needs of developers.

What you need

VIN-level data featuring dealerships’ merchandising choices. Updated daily and normalized for minimal variability.

Hot and ready

20K+ existing franchised dealerships and groups’ inventory. Ability to add new dealerships same day.

Affordable excellence

Experience kickass support. And avoid the automotive pricing tax. Our data customers report Foureyes saves them 50%+ every month.

Access the data your way

We don’t expect everyone to want to access data the same way, so we offer a variety of options.

Data share

Not gonna lie: Snowflake is our favorite. We’ll enable the share and you’ll have a read-only copy of the inventory data you want without having to wait for export, transfer, or ingestion of files.

File transfer

You specify your preferred destination and format, and the data will be there. Amazon S3 bucket or SFTP? Sure. CSV or JSON? Yep. Something weirder? All day.

Your preferred cloud database solution

We’re happy to take a look. Our team excels at getting data where it needs to be, and we’re happy to explore your preferred alternatives.

Getting started is easy


Download a sample file

Explore the data on your own to confirm that Foureyes offers what you need. If you have questions, we can put you in touch with support-- not sales.


Build and launch in days

From contracting to data sharing, our processes are lightweight and simple. Our helpful onboarding team will partner with you to ensure a smooth launch.


Data flows

With a live account, data will flow to your preferred destination on a daily basis. If you ever have issues, our helpful support team is a quick call or Slack away.

Check it out for yourself

The first step is to confirm that our inventory data has what you need. Download a sample file today. If you have questions or want something more, call us. Foureyes inventory data is the appetizer of our data offerings.

Foureyes is a sales assistant software that works alongside dealership teams. It applies data to common failure points between lead creation and sale, so people get more done and close more deals.  

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