Send your inventory updates to their inbox

Personalized follow-up without the legwork

Foureyes automatically sends updates to your leads about inventory that perfectly matches their shopping preferences. Get more views on your VDPs without needing to make constant updates.

With Foureyes, you'll get:

Personalized emails

Foureyes monitors what vehicles your customers are shopping for and automatically sends email updates about the inventory they’ve shown an interest in

Email engagement CRM notes

Notes are automatically added to the CRM each time a prospect receives, opens, or clicks an email

Customizable campaigns

Email templates can be customized with each dealer’s branded colors, logos and CTAs. Audience lists are dictated by your specific CRM lead statuses or prospect inventory interest

What you get from Foureyes

Confident follow-up for sales teams

 Behavior based customer outreach

Personalized emails at scale

Your prospects stay in the know with personalized emails sharing pricing changes, changes in stock, and suggested inventory based on their shopping behavior and your website updates.

Foureyes works with your existing sales process and stays behind the scenes to let sales teams focus on the leads with the strongest buying signals. Activity logs show teams a prospect’s full website history and CRM notes, as well as who is actively shopping so outreach can be prioritized, even if a prospect is returning weeks or months after originally shopping.

Foureyes detects when your prospects' shopping behavior changes and includes vehicles that match their latest searches on your site. Email content is dynamically adjusted based on email engagement, dealer website activity, and CRM status.

Email Inventory Filters

Promote only the inventory you want in emails (i.e., what you actually have on the lot)

Avoid confusion or bad scenes with prospects

Client Testimonials

“Foureyes re-energizes prospects so all of a sudden the customer is back in the market and our sales team gets another chance to win their business.”

“We think of Foureyes as an integral part of our business, doing the work behind the scenes to keep our customers engaged with our inventory.”

“The automated emails are the reason that I signed up with you guys and will probably be with you forever.”

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Foureyes is a sales assistant software that works alongside dealership teams. It applies data to common failure points between lead creation and sale, so people get more done and close more deals.  

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