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The Foureyes Relief Package was designed specifically for automotive dealers who are not current Foureyes clients. If you are an existing client or work in other industries and are interested in Foureyes, contact us. We have solutions to help you too!

Our Relief Package is free to use for 60 days when you sign up by May 31st

With the Foureyes Relief Package you can...


See your customers every online shopping move for more informed sales conversations.

Make every conversation count

Ensure your shoppers and community are in the know about incentives, price drops, and changes to inventory.

Keep leads up-to-date

Keep your virtual showroom running in high gear, regardless of your staffing plan.

Do more with less

This is great! We know we are going to become a virtual dealership and less of a brick and mortar dealership right now!”

“We just really appreciate the opportunity to work with y'all and use this tool, especially during a time like this.”

“Thank you so much for all the hard work. You guys are truly the definition of a partner, not a vendor.”

We’ve redirected our sales staff to help as many dealers as possible. 

If you’d like to buy something, please be direct about it. We won’t offer.

A Message from Foureyes Founder, David Steinberg

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Foureyes Relief Package — sales support for your virtual showroom.

Foureyes supports thousands of dealers across the country

What's Included in the Relief Package


Website inventory is tracked for changes in stock, price, incentives, and new vehicles added.

Web inventory tracking

Webpage visits are tracked for anonymous visitors and identified leads. Associated website history is appended once a lead has been identified via lead action.

Web visit tracking

Send emails automatically that share pricing changes, changes in stock, suggest inventory, and more based on shopper behavior on your website.

Inventory email campaigns

Chats are tracked and data is recorded, even when a chat goes unanswered.

Chat tracking

See full website history for each individual lead.

Lead activity logs

Attribution analytics showing where your leads come from.

Attribution reporting

Add leads automatically to inventory email campaigns from web form and chat leads.

Auto-add subscribers

Download leads and tracked data via simple .csv export option.

Export to .csv

Get analytics including subscriber count, emails sent, open rates, click rates, and more.

Email engagement reporting

Receive campaign performance data in your inbox weekly.

Weekly campaign performance reports

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