Capture Every Lead and Every Sale

With inventory this low, and demand this high, you’re missing out on potential customers.

Meet Safety Net, the tool that runs in the background on your website to make sure every customer gets into your CRM. Safety Net keeps track of every lead and their activity so you’re ready for future sales.

Foureyes give you the tools to protect customer relationships until inventory comes back. With your trial, you'll get:

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Full access to all the product features for 60 days

Setup for most dealers takes 10 minutes or less

No credit card required


A free 60-day trial of Safety Net is available to any dealership not currently using Safety Net. 

Named the Most Innovative Solution of 2020 by DrivingSales

The Safety Net free trial is here for a limited time only. Make sure you take advantage today.

Protect long-term sales

By keeping leads in your pipeline, you’ll be able to surface opportunities now or when inventory returns. 

Lead analysis & filtering by AI and human analysts

Real-time alerts by email or text about new lead activity

Make your sales process invincible

Process breakdowns will happen, especially when you have more leads than your team can handle. Make sure leads get into your sales process no matter what.

Auto lead logging in your CRM

Lead summaries for forms, chats, and phone calls

Capture the leads you pay for

Rest easy knowing every qualified lead gets into your CRM even if your team forgets or a technical hiccup causes an issue. 

Lead qualification

Unlogged lead reporting & missed lead alerts

Client Testimonials

"There is no reason anyone should question the value of Safety Net, especially after today. Our CRM was down from 8am-5pm so nothing got logged UNLESS you were a subscriber of Safety Net 😎"

“Thank you so much for all the hard work. You guys are truly the definition of a partner, not a vendor.”

“We just really appreciate the opportunity to work with y'all and use this tool, especially during a time like this.”


3 Easy Steps

Foureyes Safety Net was designed for busy dealerships. From sign up to launch, getting started with your 60-day free trial couldn't be easier.



One quick signature gets you 60 days free. No auto-renewal.



In less than 10 minutes, we'll capture a few key details to integrate Foureyes with your systems.



Safety Net will ensure every lead makes it into your CRM in a matter of days.

Foureyes is a sales assistant software that works alongside dealership teams. It applies data to common failure points between lead creation and sale, so people get more done and close more deals.  

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