More Visibility into In-Market Shoppers

Foureyes sends your sales team real-time text and email alerts the moment a prospect returns to your site, giving them the head start they need to strike while the iron is hottest. 

With Foureyes, you'll get:

Daily lead lists

Automatic, daily emails with leads prioritized by recent activity

Return lead alerts

Get emailed or texted when leads return to your website (and know what they're shopping)

24 Hour Follow-Up Monitoring

See how many returning leads receive follow-up within 24 hours from your team.

What you get from Foureyes

Pipeline prioritization

Better appointments

More wins

Save time and easily prioritize efforts when you know which leads need immediate attention. Foureyes sends text alerts when a lead is back active on your website, so your team knows when a prospect is back in-market or needs follow-up.

Foureyes sends each sales rep their own personalized hot list of leads with what inventory, price point, and vehicle features your leads want to see. Use the suggested talk tracks for more compelling conversations.

By focusing your team's follow-up by targeting specific inventory interests and improving timing, you sell more. Teams using Foureyes improve their prospect follow up rate by 88% - we work alongside your team, meaning no need to change up your process.

The "Coffee Report"

A summary sent to sales reps and managers of your hottest leads who are actively shopping on your website, delivered daily to your inbox.

Start your day with a jolt of prospects waiting for a follow-up.

Client Testimonials

"If there is one thing we love it is the ability to show distinct groups of customers that are showing a lot of interest which we wouldn't know about otherwise."

"Foureyes is one of the best tools we have. I log into Sales Enablement first thing each morning to see who's back on the website so I know who to follow up with that day."

"I print out the Coffee Reports each day to use during check in's with my team."

Foureyes is a sales assistant software that works alongside dealership teams. It applies data to common failure points between lead creation and sale, so people get more done and close more deals.  

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