Lead Logging Without the Effort

Foureyes automatically reviews, recovers, and logs leads that otherwise don't make it to your CRM so you can rest easy knowing every lead gets the follow-up they deserve.   

With Foureyes, you'll get:

Lead analysis & filtering

Foureyes uses a mix of AI and human analysts to review each of your incoming website leads from forms, chats, and phone calls, providing notes with important details

In-market lead logging to CRM

Automatically filter and log in-market sales leads not found in your CRM

Call recordings and transcriptions

Phone calls from your website are recorded and transcribed for future listening

What you get from Foureyes

An invincible sales process 

Long-term sales protection

Trust in your pipeline

Your leads drive your sales, and you invest a lot of money to get those leads. Foureyes helps ensure the leads you paid for make it in your pipeline, protecting your lead gen investment and keeping your pipeline hot. 

If a lead showing buying intent hasn’t made it into your CRM within two hours, Foureyes will log it for you – even delivering a real-time alert about the recovered lead. With summaries delivering important insights about forms, chats, and phone call leads, your team gets a head start when reaching back out.

Foureyes reviews each of your incoming website leads -- whether they are net new or are a returning lead from a previously closed opportunity.

Lead Analysis & Filtering

Foureyes reviews each of your incoming website leads from forms, chat, and phone calls, providing notes with important details.  

Only leads showing intent to purchase (real people, not bots) get logged to the CRM

Client Testimonials

“I love Safety Net! We hired new people and are still fine-tuning lead handling and process. They're likely to miss logging leads here and there, but Foureyes provides peace of mind because we'll still get the chance at the deal even if they forget to log it.”

"There is no reason anyone should question the value of Safety Net, especially after today. Our CRM was down from 8am-5pm so nothing got logged UNLESS you were a subscriber of Safety Net 😎"

“Safety Net logs phone ups that for one reason or another don't get added into the CRM. It helps me sleep better at night!”

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Foureyes is a sales assistant software that works alongside dealership teams. It applies data to common failure points between lead creation and sale, so people get more done and close more deals.  

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