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Vendor Overview

Industry Supply & Demand

Get a complete picture of which vendors are driving the most ROI (from traffic to leads to sales) by combining CRM source data and website referral data to give you a true understanding of ROI.

Understand where - or if - you're overspending on leads and where you may have too little demand by comparing your inventory stock to VDP views and CRM leads.

Questions the report can answer:

  • Which vendors are driving the most leads?
  • Which vendors are giving me the best value per lead and per sale?

Questions the report can answer:

  • What inventory is the hottest? How do I redirect spends to make sure I don't have aging inventory sitting on my lot?
  • Where does it make sense to direct marketing spends?

Lead Marketability

Prospects Viewing VDP

Examine how consistently your team is collecting complete contact information from your leads to increase your likelihood to close and enable future marketing efforts.

See which customers are actively shopping your sites, and find opportunities to strike while the iron is hot.

Questions the report can answer:

  • Is my team following expected processes and collecting complete contact information?
  • Where can we improve to maximize our close rates and protect the lifetime value of each customer?

Questions the report can answer:

  • Are all of the "lost" leads in my CRM actually "lost"?
  • Is there something more I can be doing to help my team reach our monthly goals?
  • Which specific vehicles are my prospects most interested in?

Monthly Store Performance

See how you're pacing and diagnose problems before it's too late with a real-time snapshot of your dealership sales performance.

Questions the report can answer:

  • Are my stores on track to meet monthly goals?
  • What's driving low performance? Is it my salespeople or a vendor?

Sales Process Performance

Compare your stores' KPIs and learn where to target performance coaching (even down to the salesperson) to make sure you meet monthly goals.

Questions the report can answer:

  • Why is one store performing better than the other?
  • How can I help my low performing stores meet their monthly goals?
  • At what point in the sales process are leads falling through the cracks?

Industry Performance

Understand current inventory trends in lead volume, sales volume, and close rates to determine how your stores are performing in comparison.

Questions the report can answer:

  • What's happening in the market right now?
  • Are my stores performing similarly to my competitors?

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