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Identify when your leads are in-market and see what they want

What prospect information is provided in the Foureyes notifications to sales teams?

Foureyes notifications include who the lead is, what they've looked at online, where they came from, and tips on how to communicate with the lead. The notifications include everything you need to follow-up.

How does Foureyes allow me to find relevant in-market prospects?

There are a few primary ways Foureyes does this:

  • Timely email and text notifications after a prospect returns to your site
  • Morning ""Coffee Reports"" that includes a list of in-market shoppers that visited your site yesterday
  • Ability to search prospects who have shopped specific makes, models, and even VIN

How will I know Foureyes has spotted a missed opportunity?

Foureyes uses tags to clearly mark opportunities that need your attention. These tags help you sort, filter, and search your leads to find those leads that are ripe for follow-up.

Inventory Alerts

Alert your prospects to inventory changes with personalized updates about their VOIs (or similar YMMs)

Which contacts receive these emails?

Any contact in your CRM with an email address who has looked and inventory but has not yet purchased can be added.

What kinds of emails can my leads receive?

  • Suggested Vehicle emails use our Vehicle of Interest Algorithm to share similar inventory that matches a lead's preferences.
  • Price Drop and Price Increase emails share price changes based on previously viewed inventory and a lead's preferences.
  • Not Available emails share updates with leads when inventory they have shopped online have sold and other available inventory match their preferences.

How is this different than the marketing emails my business sends right now?

Dealership marketing emails are typically branded messages that work for a general audience. Foureyes delivers dynamic emails that match your contacts' inventory interests, increasing engagement and moving them closer to sale.

How often do emails go out?

Because emails are personalized to each individual, the frequency of emails vary based on a lead's engagement and inventory updates.

I’m worried about spamming these contacts. Can shoppers opt-out?

Yes. The emails follow current CAN/SPAM laws and include ‘unsubscribe’ and/or ‘opt-out’ options in every email sent.

Lead Logging

Ensure all your in-market web leads are logged to your CRM

How does Foureyes analyze my leads?

Foureyes uses a mix of AI and human analysts to review all web call, form, and chat leads for sales intent. This means only in-market shoppers will be loggedto your CRM, and not all the others from family members, vendors, or people looking for your service department, for example. 

Do I have access to a summary of this lead analysis?

Absolutely! Lead summaries and analysis are appended to the lead's overall profile and shopping history tracked by Foureyes for a complete view of each lead's actions and interests.

My business' sales process is unique. Will Foureyes filter my funnel accurately?

During onboarding, we'll learn about your specific sales process which enables our team to setup Foureyes to provide accurate filtering and logging every time.

Unified Data

Automate lead and sales performance reporting

What data does Foureyes collect from my dealership(s)?

Foureyes connects the three key data sources from dealers -- website activity, sales, and inventory -- to enable business leaders to ask and answer questions like. It then connects these data sources (with data hygiene and normalization) so you can compare it apples-to-apples.

Who can use this feature?

It's most often used by automotive groups who can't easily access their own sales and marketing data because it's siloed in different systems. 

What types of reports and insights dashboards are available?

Foureyes provides four primary data dashboards, including:

  • Industry supply & demand
  • Monthly store performance
  • Sales process performance
  • Close rate performance

Get more details about each here

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