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Additional Data Deep Dives

Track inventory levels as dealers transition from 2021 to 2022 models. Select up to three OEMs to compare inventory trends.

Review monthly and year-over-year auto sales data for new inventory. Explore trends over time by brand and/or state.

See how the global chip shortage is affecting supply. Review inventory data by brand, vehicle type, condition, and model. 

More about the data

  • How is this data collected?

    The Foureyes inventory platform currently collects data from more than 18,000 new car franchise dealer websites nightly. The total volume is over 3 million new vehicles. The bot collects details about inventory, pricing, and messaging and cross-references with historical data and internal VIN analysis to create this dataset. From there, we apply hygiene including removal of dealer trades and recalls, inventory anomalies as well as inventory listed across multiple websites. While the inventory bot runs nightly, the hygiene takes a two-day period, thus the standard delay in the reporting.

    This is only a subset of the data collected by Foureyes. It does not include any private dealer CRM data or confidential OEM sales data.
  • If I’m using Foureyes, is this sharing my data?

    All the data we are sharing is compiled and cleaned from publicly-available data. Data that is collected from our Foureyes script on dealer websites belongs to the dealer and is not part of this dataset. The data collected via our dealer website script and third party integrations with OEM sales data, CRMs, and DMSs is not shared. Read more about our commitment to data privacy here.
  • What automotive brands are included in this data?

    The following OEMs and brands are included in this data: BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, JLR, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Stellantis, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen. We are actively working on adding other brands to the dataset.
  • Does the data include new and used inventory?

    No. This dashboard only includes new car data from franchise dealers in the United States. The data does not include non-franchise dealers or online retailers. We are actively working on collecting the non-franchise and online retailers dataset.
  • Is this something you’re going to update regularly?

    Yes. The data set is updated monthly. To receive insights and resources from Foureyes, sign up using the form or email us at
  • How does Foureyes use this data?

    Foureyes works with brands and OEMs who use this data to study pricing, incentive effectiveness, and website compliance. Dealers use the data via Foureyes products to have stronger messaging and sales insights throughout the sales process.

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To enable Foureyes to run, we collect massive amounts of publicly-available data. 

Typically, we use this data to power our products, but we thought the data may be helpful to dealers and OEMs who want to better understand what’s going on in the market, where trends are pointing, and how to make the best decisions for their business.

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